Sentencing Hearings & Sentence Reductions

A sentencing hearing or a sentence reduction negotiation can greatly affect your freedom.

There are ways to reduce the length of your expected sentence. Talk to a criminal defense lawyer who has extensive experience representing clients in sentencing hearings.

The law office of Rabin & Lopez offers aggressive representation to their clients. If you are facing heavy fines, asset forfeitures, and/or a lengthy prison sentence, contact our firm. Have you cooperated with the government in an investigation? A lawyer experienced in negotiating with prosecutors as well as federal and state law enforcement authorities knows how to present your case aggressively and effectively.
There may be mitigating circumstances that could affect your sentence. Your cooperation, family background, an excellent community reputation, health issues, and financial pressures that may have led to the criminal charges, can all be considered at sentencing. At our criminal defense law firm, we want you to serve the least amount of time possible. While every case is different, we have helped clients negotiate sentences that are a small fraction of state or federal sentencing guidelines.

How can a lawyer help?

Sam Rabin, Andrea Lopez, and their team have an in-depth understanding of sentencing laws and guidelines. What happens at the sentencing hearing can affect your life, your family, and your business for years – even decades.

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