Criminal Appeals

Criminal appeals require a thorough understanding of the law and of court procedures. Our firm has the skills and experience necessary to handle your appeal successfully.

If you or a family member have been convicted of a crime and you feel the decision was wrong, you may be able to successfully appeal the conviction.

We handle criminal Appeals? Did you get a fair trial? Did the judge make errors? Was your lawyer prepared?

An appeal is based on the trial record. Our law firm can search through the record looking for errors.

We research the law and write detailed briefs that define errors to the appellate court. Sam Rabin has the writing and speaking ability to represent you at an appeals hearing.

A successful appeal can mean a new trial or a new sentence.

Your rights do not end at the conclusion of a trial, conviction, or sentence. Contact our law firm. We can explain your rights and your options.

No matter what the issues are on appeal, no matter how complex the appeal, we have the background and the legal knowledge to prepare a thorough, comprehensive and effective appeal.

Meet with the lawyers at Rabin & Lopez law firm to discuss your appeal. We will give you an honest thoughtful assessment of your chances of being successful. There’s no risk, your initial consultation is free.

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