Healthcare Fraud

Healthcare fraud which also includes Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud and insurance fraud is a complicated area of the law prosecuted by both federal and state authorities who share jurisdiction.

Statistics show that over 75% of all U.S. healthcare fraud emanates out of South Florida.

South Florida, and Miami, in particular, is known as the center of U.S. health care fraud committed by both providers and patients. As a result, the U.S. government has set up a task force of state and federal law enforcement agents and prosecutors in Southern Florida to go after the perpetrators of the fraud.

These state and federal laws affect medical professionals and their employees as well as the companies or organizations they are employed by, including but not limited to, all physicians, nurses, chiropractors, internet pharmacies, pharmacists, rehabilitation and neighborhood medical clinics, large and small hospitals, HMO clinics, health insurance companies, durable medical equipment providers, service providers, assistants, billing and support staff.

Only you know what you may have been involved in. If you suspect that your conduct may be under review, or if reviewed, may not be well understood by federal or state authorities, then you need more than ever an aggressive criminal defense lawyer to stand up for your rights and to fight hard on your behalf. Our professional services include the support of expert medical personnel, and forensic accountants, who can render an independent review of your services and billing practices.

If you are aware that an investigation is ongoing or imminent, and we can show that you, as a medical practitioner or provider, acted in good faith or without knowledge of the fraud, then your case is not only defensible — it is winnable. But you must not wait until after you are arrested.

Contact the Miami-based law firm of Rabin & Lopez, and let their depth of experience in this highly complicated and sophisticated area of criminal law work to your advantage.

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