Internet Crimes

The Internet is an integral part of our lives. It provides people with easy opportunities to engage in conduct that may be illegal.

There are many federal and state investigators routinely conducting investigations on the Internet and running “stings” on unsuspecting people.  We have experience in the defense of persons charged with crimes on the Internet.

Has your internet business or other internet activity crossed the lines into illegal conduct or acts according to the government?  The law firm of Sam Rabin and Andrea Lopez can take immediate steps to assure your rights are protected and that you have a strong defense.

Internet Fraud

The term Internet fraud encompasses a wide range of prohibited activities, from identity theft to investment scams to credit card phishing.

Internet Gambling

Because it is illegal to place bets across state lines, Internet gambling is against the law.  Are you under investigation for Internet gambling? Protect yourself – speak to a criminal defense attorney before you talk to police or prosecutors.

Online Pharmacies & Drug Sales

We can effectively represent doctors, pharmacists, and others accused of illegally selling or prescribing drugs over the Internet.

Child Pornography

Have you been charged with supplying, selling, buying, or downloading underage pornography on the Internet? The government is especially tough when they suspect someone of buying or selling child pornography.

Online Child Solicitation

If you have been accused of seeking children on the internet or being a sexual predator, talk to a defense attorney as soon as possible. Such charges – even if never proven – can permanently damage your reputation and have life-altering consequences.

No matter what the charges, no matter how complex the case, Rabin & Lopez have the background and the legal knowledge to provide you with the aggressive, effective legal representation you need.

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