Money Laundering

Money laundering is a sophisticated criminal charge requiring expertise on the part of your criminal defense lawyer.

The law office of Rabin & Lopez brings over 30 years of direct experience to the table in dealing with these kinds of sophisticated and complicated financial crimes.

The mere fact that you may have handled “dirty money” could give rise to serious criminal charges but the good news is that there are very specific defenses that can be used to defend against the unwitting involvement in the handling of this kind of money.

Rabin & Lopez have the kind of experience that you require to effectively defend against these charges. If a defense exists, you can count on us to find it on your behalf.

These offenses are serious and may carry a maximum jail sentence from anywhere between ten (10) to twenty (20) years in prison depending upon the amount of money involved.

Money laundering crimes usually bring forth forfeiture actions against you and your property in addition to the criminal charges. These forfeiture actions seek to recuperate monies and assets as a substitution for the laundered proceeds which may place your legitimately obtained funds and real estate, including other investments, at risk.

In This Arena, Knowledge is Power.

Your initial consultation is always FREE and completely confidential.

If you believe that you may be looking at a money laundering charge because of some kind of activity in which you played a role, even a minor role, you must know where you stand.

The Miami, Florida law firm of Rabin & Lopez has handled money laundering cases locally and nationwide.

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