Insurance Fraud

When disaster strikes, insurance companies may allege that your claims are unwarranted, inflated, or not covered.

Insurance companies are supposed to provide for their policyholders in the worst times – when they are injured, or when they have suffered significant property losses. However, when disaster strikes, insurance companies may argue that the claims are unwarranted, inflated or not covered.

Healthcare Fraud

Medical providers may be accused of making claims for medical services that were not performed or that were not necessary. Doctors may be accused of double billing for services or misrepresenting the value of services. These allegations are particularly serious for doctors and nurses, who may lose their licenses if convicted

False Property Claims

Another common type of insurance fraud arises from alleged false property claims.  For example, following a fire, the insurance company may allege that the fire was set intentionally to collect on an insurance policy.  When a car disappears, an auto insurance company may allege that the car was not actually stolen but deliberately vanished in order to file a false insurance claim.

Staged Auto Accidents

If you have been accused of staging a car accident, it is important that you begin working with an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately to protect your rights and interests. These are serious allegations and can become incredibly complex because of the number of people likely to be accused of participating. Protect yourself, do not speak to anyone without first speaking to a lawyer.

Insurance fraud is a serious crime with serious consequences that can take many forms. Call the Miami Lawyers at Rabin & Lopez, P.A. We can help.

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