Mortgage Fraud

In response to abuses in the real estate and mortgage securities market, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies are aggressively investigating and prosecuting mortgage fraud cases.

Mortgage fraud investigations are complex and time consuming. The same is true for the defense of individuals suspected of being involved in a mortgage fraud scheme.

When the firm of Rabin & Lopez is involved in the defense of someone accused of mortgage fraud, we review all of the documents which the prosecutors are obligated to provide; analyze the case to determine if alleged misstatements are arguably true statements; and conduct our own independent analysis of all of the loss figures involved in the case because sentencing in these type of cases directly relate to the amount of money that the federal or state government claims was obtained or attempted to be obtained as part and parcel of the fraudulent activity. Depending upon the strength of the evidence against you, a good lawyer may be able to turn a person being targeted into a plain witness instead of a defendant facing arrest.

Our firm provides comprehensive criminal defense representation. We aggressively fight the charges during an investigation, and at every stage of the case once it is filed.

We believe that the earlier we become involved in an investigation, the greater the likelihood of a favorable result because we have more options before criminal charges are filed.

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