Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges can affect your liberty, your reputation and your family relationships.

Sometimes false domestic violence claims are raised to gain leverage in a divorce or custody action. Whatever your situation and whatever the facts of the case, talk to a lawyer who will aggressively defend you.

Spousal abuse, stalking, child abuse, or other domestic violence charges will not go away by themselves, even when they are untrue. You need a lawyer who knows how to protect your rights and your interests.

Our law firm does a careful investigation of the domestic violence charges. You could face a restraining order, heavy fines, jail time, mandatory classes, and a permanent mark on your reputation.

When domestic crime accusations become part of a divorce case, the accused person can lose access to home and children while the issues are being sorted out. Make sure you have a defense attorney who understands how serious these charges are. Rabin & Lopez will act quickly, effectively, and decisively.

No matter what the charges, no matter how complex the case, we have the background and the legal knowledge to provide you with the aggressive, effective legal representation you need. Meet with us before you make a mistake by trying to handle matters by yourself.

At our criminal defense law firm, we will explain the charges you are facing and advise you about your options.

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