Public Corruption

The moment you know you are the target of a public corruption investigation, that is the right time to talk to an attorney.

When a public employee or politician is accused of wrongdoing, the press and prosecutors seem to relish the opportunity to talk about public corruption. Not only does the accused person face a criminal charge, but also a loss of reputation.

Police officers and federal agents can be accused of planting guns or other evidence, stealing drugs or money, battery, or police misconduct. Our law firm has defended federal, state, county, and city officers. A city council member, county council member, a mayor, a city manager, a school board member, or any other public policy position can sometimes draw charges of bribery or political corruption. You need to be well represented by an experienced lawyer.
If you are a witness in a public corruption case or if you are a real estate developer who is a target of a public corruption investigation, make sure you have a lawyer who will protect your rights. If you are a police officer charged with double dipping (working a security job, for example, while on duty as a police officer), you need a lawyer who can understand all the circumstances and present a strong defense. Our law firm has defended members of the Fraternal Order of Police against a variety of charges.
Do not attempt to set the record straight by talking to the press or prosecutors. One word taken out of context can haunt you throughout the case. Rabin & Lopez has the experience to protect your rights and guide you through this difficult ordeal.
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