Criminal Investigations

If you are under a criminal investigation by a government agency, your freedom, reputation, and assets may be in jeopardy.

Even if you feel you are innocent, it is never a good idea to try and handle criminal investigations without a lawyer. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney who can determine what the investigation is about, what the investigators want from you, and how to protect your rights.

Do they want to search your property or go through your files and financial records? A criminal defense lawyer can explain yours rights and assure those rights are respected by the investigating agency in the course of a criminal investigations.

Are you a witness, target, or person of interest in a criminal investigations? An experienced attorney can find out why the government is interested in what you have to say.

If you are approached by the FBI, DEA, ATF, Customs (ICE), Homeland Security (DHS), Health and Human Services (HHS), Secret Service, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Miami-Dade Police Department, City of Miami Police Department or any other federal or local and state law enforcement agency, protect your rights and seek the advice of a criminal defense attorney at each stage of a criminal investigation.

No matter what the charges, no matter how complex the case, Sam Rabin and Andrea Lopez have the background and the legal knowledge to provide the aggressive, effective legal representation you need.

Start protecting your rights and start building your defense. Talk to an experienced criminal defense lawyer at Rabin & Lopez.

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