Tax Fraud – Securities Fraud

With the current financial crisis, both federal and state government authorities are exhaustively investigating potential financial crimes.

Sometimes, evidence of tax evasion or securities fraud appears in the course of another investigation – in other cases, this evidence is the reason for the investigation.

Income Tax Evasion

If the government suspects you are concealing income or misrepresenting the source of the funds, you could be charged with federal tax evasion or federal tax fraud.

Sales Tax Evasion

Is your business current with state sales tax payments? In some businesses – especially hotels and restaurants – the government pays especially close attention to any misreporting of revenue. If your business is being investigated for sales tax fraud, talk to a criminal defense lawyer now.

Securities Fraud

Securities fraud can include numerous criminal charges involving insider trading, improper trading, backdating stock options, and stockbroker churning. Securities are highly regulated, making this a complex area of the law. You need to have an attorney who fully understands these complexities and has experience working with securities investigations and the SEC.
No matter what the charges, no matter how complex the case, Rabin & Lopez have the background and the legal knowledge to provide the aggressive, effective legal representation you need.
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