Asset Forfeitures

It is not uncommon for the government to seek asset forfeitures in criminal cases that involve money or other assets.

Asset forfeitures is the seizure of property used in a crime or property bought with the proceeds of the crime.

Asset forfeitures serves as punishment for an alleged crime as well as a means of compensating the government for the crime.

If your property was used in a drug trafficking case – a boat, car, or truck, for example – the government may decide to seize the property even when the criminal case has not been tried. Even if you were unaware of the alleged criminal activity, you could be at risk of asset forfeiture.

Do you own property that was used as a marijuana grow house without your knowledge? We have the experience to vigorously protest an asset forfeiture.

Was there a financial component to the alleged crime?

Does the prosecutor think that you took proceeds from Medicare fraud, for example, and spent it on a home or jewelry or cars?

The prosecutor may begin asset forfeiture actions.

At our law firm, we take aggressive action against government asset forfeitures. When the government has not provided sufficient legal grounds for asset forfeiture, we will work diligently to protect your interests and property.

What are your rights? Talk to the criminal defense attorneys at the law offices of Sam Rabin and Andrea Lopez about defending your property against government seizure.

No matter what the charges, no matter how complex the case, we have the background and the legal knowledge to provide the aggressive, effective legal representation you need. Start protecting your rights and start building your defense.

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