Real Estate Fraud

While law enforcement officers may take the approach that anyone involved in a fraudulent real estate deal had to know it was a “bad” deal, the law does not support such a view.

South Florida is considered one of the national leaders of fraud related to the purchase and sale of real estate and the financial transactions associated with buying and selling real property.

Both the State of Florida and the U.S. government have created task forces comprised of investigators, financial analysts, and prosecutors who are targeting fraudulent real estate deals. Our firm has been involved in many investigations of people involved in all aspects of real estate transactions. We understand the complexities of real estate sales and purchases. We have represented real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, title companies, bankers, property owners, property sellers and property buyers who have been accused of various types of real estate fraud.
If you have been accused of any type of real estate fraud or if you were involved in a real estate transaction that is under investigation, it is important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side. The law firm of Rabin & Lopez aggressively defends parties allegedly involved in fraudulent real estate transactions. Just because a particular real estate deal has a fraudulent component does not mean that everyone involved in the deal had knowledge of the crime.
There are innocent participants in real estate deals where fraud has been committed. We urge you to speak with us before you speak to investigators.
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