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Criminal Defense

About Our Firm:

The law firm of Samuel J. Rabin Jr., P.A, is 100% dedicated to criminal defense in both federal and state courts. The firm has an extensive background and a successful track record in the defense and litigation of numerous types of crimes, including, but not limited to, asset forfeitures, criminal appeals, criminal investigations, domestic crimes, durable medical equipment fraud, grand jury investigations, healthcare fraud, Medicare or Medicaid fraud, pharmacy related fraud, insurance fraud, internet crimes, money laundering, mortgage fraud, narcotics and drug trafficking, public corruption, real estate fraud, RICO racketeering, sentencing hearings and sentencing reductions, tax and securities fraud, and white collar crimes.  In most cases, our firm has handled similar cases for other clients. This experience allows us to present you with different avenues on how to resolve your case.

The firm is headed by Sam Rabin, a former Deputy Chief Assistant State Attorney, who is well known for his many courtroom victories, which are the result of his selective case load, his thorough preparation, and his commanding courtroom presence.  Mr. Rabin is supported by a staff of highly qualified legal professionals, all dedicated to the protection of your rights, and the preparation of the best defense for your case.

Benefits & Values


We understand how important it is to reach your attorney when your freedom, reputation, and assets are at stake.  We pride ourselves in being readily available to our clients at any time.


Our practice is 100% devoted to criminal defense matters and we have represented clients in state and federal courts throughout the U.S. including the U.S. Supreme Court.

Expert Network

When evaluating your case and preparing your defense, we routinely use the services of investigators, experts, and specialists. Our expansive resources help ensure we provide you with the best legal representation possible.

Individual Service

We limit the cases we take to ensure that each client gets individual service and high-quality representation.



We have tried more than 300 cases in federal and state court. Our clients benefit from our knowledge of the law, thorough preparation, and aggressive defense.

Experienced Prosecutor

Sam Rabin gained his reputation as a superb trial lawyer early in his career as a Deputy Chief Assistant State Attorney (1979-1985) to Miami-Dade County State Attorney Janet Reno.  His experience as a prosecutor brings valuable perspective to his criminal defense practice.

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Samuel J. Rabin, Jr.

Samuel J. Rabin, Jr.

Attorney at Law

Sam Rabin is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has earned a reputation for his aggressive representation and thorough preparation defending the rights of those charged with federal and state crimes. He began his career as a prosecutor and later retired as Deputy Chief Assistant State Attorney under former State Attorney Janet Reno.

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Andrea Lopez

Andrea Lopez

Associate Attorney

Ms. Lopez graduated from the University of Miami where she attained the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration in Political Science with a minor in Psychology and continuously made Dean’s list. Ms. Lopez went on to attend the University of Miami School of Law on a Dean’s Merit Scholarship.

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No matter how innocent the questions from law enforcement may sound, you never want to speak to them without an attorney present. They always have an agenda and your answers could implicate you even if you are an innocent party. Only an experienced criminal defense lawyer can protect your rights.

The mere passage of time does not ensure that you are out of the woods.  If you participated in a fraud, even in the smallest fashion, you are criminally liable as a co-conspirator for the acts and conduct of alleged co-conspirators.  A conspiracy is a fancy word for an agreement among people to violate the law.  Because fraud, by its very nature, is secretive, furtive and designed not to be discovered, many jurisdictions extend the Statute of Limitations in cases involving fraud to commence when the fraud is discovered.  The effect of this could mean that you may remain liable for your criminal conduct for many years beyond the normal statute of limitations.

When your freedom is at risk or your reputation threatened, talk to a criminal defense lawyer who has experience with the type of charges you are facing. Our firm has experienced criminal defense lawyers who have handled numerous cases involving both federal and state investigations and charges.

We can help you and guide you through the criminal justice system with compassion and sensitivity.

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We will help guide you through the criminal justice system with compassion and sensitivity.

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